15 minutes


About the laboratory

Explore the intricate process of cell division in a virtual lab simulation, with 3D models that bring the science to life. Our VR biology simulation is designed to enhance science education in VR, with engaging content that makes learning fun and exciting. Discover the fascinating world of biology like never before with our VR lessons, and watch as your students become fully immersed in the science of cells division and meiosis.
Adjustable parameters and equipment
  • Meta Quest
  • Meta Quest 2
  • Meta Quest Pro
  • Pico Neo 3
  • Pico 4
Learning objectives
  • What are the stages of meiotic cell division?
  • What events occur in each stage of division?
  • What is the role of organelles in cell division?
  • Why are haploid cells produced as a result?
  • Why are daughter cells genetically different?

Laboratory Screenshots